Lamb Shank



Indulge in Tender Perfection: Meatse’s Succulent Lamb Shanks

Do you want lamb shanks that fall off the bone? Try Meatse’s succulent cuts and heighten your senses. We offer only the most tender lamb shanks, ideal for slow-cooking and braising to perfection.

Stay healthy and happy with our lamb shanks packed with essential nutrients (like B12 and zinc!) They’re excellent for diners looking to increase their iron and protein levels: they even make an excellent addition to meal plans.

Or, maybe you’re in the mood for a hearty winter stew. No problem: slow-cook your Meatse lamb shanks with your preferred veg and leave to simmer on low heat. It pairs well with delicious sides, like roasted potatoes, couscous and cauliflower mash.

No matter your culinary preferences, our lamb shanks are guaranteed to go down a treat. When you shop with Meatse, you indulge in your favourite meats with the knowledge they were procured from the UK’s finest local farms.

Our butchers will carefully prepare your shanks, and the Meatse packaging crew will seal their juicy, tender flavour inside sealed vacuum packaging. So if you’re planning your weekly meals or preparing a feast for friends, consider adding our lamb shanks to your grocery list.

We deliver to all UK mainland addresses. Deliveries will arrive between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

We use a 24 hour service via DPD and parcel force, so orders will arrive the following day from when the order is placed.

Orders below the total value of £40.00 will in-cure a shipping fee of £7.99. Orders above the total value £40.00 will have free shipping.

Firstly we will vacuum pack the meat after this we will place the orders into thermal temperature controlled bags and we will place gel ice packs within these bags. This will then placed into a corrugated cardboard box this will make sure the meats stay fresh for at least 58 hours.
All our meat is freshly cut daily by our masters butchers. At Meatse we take pride in the quality of our product.
By only selling FRESH meat, you can be sure that each product has been carefully sourced from reliable suppliers and is guaranteed to be of high quality.
Sourced Ethically

We are committed to ethical sourcing of our products. We make sure all our Meat is sourced from suppliers who adhere to strict ethical and sustainability standards.


Good meat should have a rich, bold flavor that is well-balanced and not overpowering. This flavor should be a result of the combination of the animal’s diet, breed, and the cooking method used.