Beef Fillet



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The beef fillet is one of the most flavourful, unbeatable cuts of beef.

Also known as ‘tenderloin’, this lean cut is rich, succulent and slightly sweet, all at the same time. This exceptionally tender meat can be prepared in several ways: grill your beef fillet with several mouth-watering seasonings and skewer it for the ultimate kebab.

Roast it to perfection as the centrepiece of a special occasion celebration. Or, thinly slice it and add it to your wok for the ideal stir-fry accompaniment. Its tender texture and savoury Umami flavour will be pronounced in whatever meal you choose to make.

Beef fillet comes from a more developed muscle region of the cow. The result? A milder, less intense flavour than other cuts, like ribeye or sirloin. With beef fillet, you’ll experience a flavour profile that allows the meat’s natural flavourings to take centre stage.

Elevate this with seasonings, marinades or sauces for the ultimate high-dining experience. We recommend salt, pepper, garlic, herbs (such as thyme or rosemary), and sometimes a hint of balsamic glaze or red wine reduction.

Don’t wait to include this sought-after cut in your meals: shop for a beef fillet with Meatse and make your mealtimes tastier.

Storage: Keep refrigerated and consume within days

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Good meat should have a rich, bold flavor that is well-balanced and not overpowering. This flavor should be a result of the combination of the animal’s diet, breed, and the cooking method used.