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When you order from Meatse, an online butchery, you can be assured of the highest quality and freshest meat products available. Our experienced butchers take pride in selecting the best cuts of locally sourced and ethically raised meats.  When you place your order online, fresh meat is butchered by experts, packaged, and delivered fresh directly to you. Plus, our selection of premium meats can help you reduce your environmental impact while still being able to enjoy delicious meals.

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All our meat is hand-cut by our master butchers

Premium Grass Fed Meats

We offer an unbeatable variety at an unbeatable price range. On top of that, we also provide ongoing discounts and promotions throughout the year!

Meat from healthy, well-fed animals is more likely to be tender, juicy, and flavourful. Different cuts of meat have different levels of tenderness, flavour, and fat content, so choosing the right cut is important.

Meatse Supports Local UK Farmers By Providing A Huge Selection Of Meats
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With a range of beef, lamb, and poultry to choose from, there’s something for every palette here at Meatse. If you need any extra advice on your meat delivery, such as ideas on the best cuts for your budget, the right choices for meals you want to make, or advice on getting more meat for your money, then please contact our butchers who are happy to assist and offer the best advice for your needs.

Support your local farmers and ranchers when you buy meat online from Meatse, with our range of fresh and delicious meats that are ethically raised. It’s easy to taste differences in our line of meat products, and ordering them online ensures you’re getting butcher-quality right to your doorstep.

Next Day shipping, Chilled Packaging, Fresh Never Frozen

Next-day delivery is available across the United Kingdom via DPD delivery. Only fresh meat, never frozen. All of our packaging has been specifically designed and validated to ensure that our products reach you in perfect condition.

Buy Fresh Processed Meat from Meatse – Your Online Butchers!

Buy meat online from our expert online butchers who pride themselves on picking the highest quality cuts and locally sourced meats for customers.

When you order meat online from Meatse, you’re guaranteed to enjoy every meal thanks to our skilled butchers who prepare and package your order with care.

Get your meat delivered straight to your front door and enjoy the flavourful and juicy meats we have on offer here.

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